Cinematic Orchestration. Course Overview

What if the world’s best orchestrators & session players shared the exact ingredients of the “Hollywood Sound”?


This question formed the premise of what became our most ambitious project to date- Cinematic Orchestration.

After spending over five years in development and collaborating with the orchestrators and session players behind many of the world’s biggest blockbusters including The Dark Knight, Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Carribean, Harry Potter and literally hundreds more, Cinematic Orchestration aims to be the complete resource for musicians who want to learn to write and arrange orchestral music in the classic cinematic styles.

With over 30 hours of video tutorials from the musicians at the very top of the industry, you’ll have the unique opportunity to see film cues orchestrated from scratch by Hollywood orchestrators and then recorded by our own live 50 piece orchestra.

Cinematic Orchestration

Also included is our extensive interviews with many of the principle players and section leaders from the world’s top film session orchestras, demonstrating the capabilities and techniques of their instruments before your eyes, and sharing invaluable advice from the player’s perspective.

During the course, you will study numerous orchestral film scores with detailed, bar-by-bar analysis from top Hollywood orchestrators, including John Williams’ iconic music for Star Wars and many more.

Just as valuable is our detailed guide to creating professional quality, realistic sampled mockups, including MIDI performance techniques, how to put together a balanced orchestral template, head-to-head comparisons of the major sample libraries and much more- in fact, we believe we have compiled the most thorough guide to sampled orchestration available anywhere!

CO helped my composition skills at every level. The course notes and videos are comprehensive and the tutors are incredibly helpful. I have many years of music production experience in many types of music yet CO helped my sampled mockups enormously. My compositions & orchestrations have improved more than I could have imagined.

Rupert GibbFeature Film Composer, Sound Designer & Audio Engineer