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ThinkSpace Education is an online school that brings professional working composers, orchestrators and sound designers together with students, looking to enter the film, games and TV industries. Choose from a range of quick and affordable short courses.
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Wondering which course to take? Why not check out our most popular courses – with over 12,000 students enrolled! Additionally, you can browse the complete list by visiting our course overview page.
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Learn Music Theory - $49
A practical, entertaining, and straightforward course in how music works and how it is written down.

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How To Write Music - $49
Learn the core processes for writing effective music.

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Sampled Orchestration In A Weekend - $99
Everything you need to know about getting the best sounds out of your sample libraries

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How To Score Films - $99
Everything you need to know to get up and running scoring movies.

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Tutorials Reviews & Videos

I'm Guy Michelmore, and welcome to my YouTube channel! I compose music for film and television, and on this channel (see below) you can see me score a variety of film, television, games, and other forms of media music. I also review sample libraries and music software. Some of these videos also include tutorials on music theory and music production!
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Teaching Staff

Our goal at ThinkSpace is to put those who represent the very best of the industry in front of new and upcoming musicians and music professionals. All our courses are written and tutored by working composers, orchestrators, songwriters, and those on the cutting-edge of music research.

With all of our tutors being in daily contact with the industry, you can be assured that all course content is fresh and represents the needs of the careers our courses will prepare you for.

Being online, we have access to a vast pool of talent from all over the world. You are not limited to those in your area, but instead can speak with tutors and gain insights from all areas of the music industry regardless of where they, or you, are based.

We are constantly expanding our pool of tutors, so to learn more about who will be tutoring on our courses click the button below.
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Guy Michelmore


Emily Rice


George Oldziey

Composition / Orchestration

Arhynn Descy


Frank Petreikis

Sound Design / Games

Spencer Bambrick

Sound Design / Games

Dana Kyle

Songwriter / Film Composer

Ross Tregenza

Sound Design / Games

Phil Larsen

Music Production

Jo Quail

Songwriting / Music Production

Irwin Sparkes


Ella Walker


Postgraduate Degrees

Our film scoring school has been the springboard that has helped launch many careers, some at the very top of the film and television music profession. We are uniquely connected to the world of work. Not just fellow practitioners but also real-world clients, directors and producers who tell our students what they are looking for.
  • Courses written and taught by working professionals.
  • Work on real-world projects, briefed by the actual producers and directors.
  • Study from home while joining a worldwide community of students who share your goals.
  • Learn sound design, film scoring, composing for video games and much more.
  • Interest free payment plans and flexible schedules (degree courses only).
If you’re interested in applying for one of our postgraduate degrees, please click the button below to find out more.
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