5 Skills Every Film Composer Needs – PDF Download

Guy Michelmore’s PDF download of 5 necessary skills every film composer needs, to make it in the music-media industry!

With this free PDF, you will learn:

  • What makes a film composer approachable
  • The key marketable skills for a film composer
  • To identify the skills you’re missing
  • The correct approach to the music-media industry

Learn To Craft Yourself Into a Marketable Film Composer

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With this free micro-course, you will learn:

  • Classic fantasy chords and melodies
  • Which sample libraries you should be using
  • How to create an appropriate template
  • The correct approach for fantasy orchestration

Learn To Write Perfect Fantasy Cues In Two Steps

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No Music Theory, Or Score Reading Required

As you have a reasonable understanding of how instruments interact with each other within music you’re good to go!

5 Essential Skills for 5 Minutes Reading Time

Learn the skills it takes to make it. Many professional composers spend a lifetime figuring it out, you can have it in less than a 5 minute read!

Shape Yourself Into a Better Composer

It takes more than just a musical ability to get you through this business. Figure the other essential aspects you need to nail to make it!

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Music for the Media teaches you the additional , industry secret skills you need to know to make it as a professional film composer, using practical, creative examples.