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7 Essential Techniques To Make
Your Samples Sound Realistic

Emmy-nominated composer Guy Michelmore’s guide to working professionally with sampled instruments.

With this free document, you will learn:

  • Articulations: using keyswitches, Articulation ID and Expression Maps
  • Layering and blending: how to mix samples effectively and realistically
  • Reverbs and room placement: a breakdown of the best reverbs on the market
  • … And much more!

Whether you are starting out or you’ve been at this for years, if you are frustrated by the sound of your sampled mock-ups, check out this list!

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Professional Compositional Insight

Guy Michelmore has worked on projects for a number of huge clients, including Disney, Marvel and Dreamworks.

Quick Tips You Can Implement Now

Sorted into digestible chunks, the guide covers the main areas students are often weakest on when producing mockups.

Mistakes You’ve Probably Been Making

Don’t fall into these common pitfalls – you don’t need legato on everything to sound realistic!

Guy’s worked on projects for:

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Make your sampled instruments sound more realistic.

Get the most out of limited resources.

Tutorials and examples in Logic and Cubase, Kontakt and Play.

Example files to download in MIDI, Logic and Cubase format.