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Teaching Staff

All ThinkSpace Education courses are written and tutored by both working media composers and professionals on the cutting-edge of music research. Everyone involved is in daily contact with the sharp end of the business, providing you with practical industry training from the inside, opposed to the theoretical concepts you’ll learn at most purely academic institutions, both on and offline.

In the office, we have a team of dedicated and experienced staff on hand to provide you with the best quality service that you deserve. We work hard to make sure that everything from the fancy website to every new blog video is produced to the highest quality. We’re all musicians and composers (yes, all of us!) so, when you ask us for advice or help, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting answers from professionals who know what they’re talking about.

Industry Professionals

Douglas Black Heaton


Allison Piccioni


Charles Fernandez


Lindsay Wright

Composition / Orchestration

Bill Boston


Stephanie Taylor


Gina Zdanowicz

Sound Design / Games

Erasmus Talbot


George Oldziey

Composition / Orchestration

Spencer Bambrick

Sound Design / Games

Fletcher Beasley

Composition / Games

Erik Desiderio

Composition / Games

Rob Manning

Composition / Games

Frank Petreikis

Sound Design / Games

Ross Tregenza

Sound Design / Games

Mark Angus

Sound Design / Games

Yati Durant


Matt Lightbound

Sound Design / Games

Chris McGuire


Anne Miller

Music Publishing

Phil Larsen

Music Production

Steve Cusack

Head of Label, Marketing & Promotions

Phil Passera

Artist Management

Dr. Susan Kinnear

Business & Management

Alex Mueller

Entertainment & Media Law

The TSE Office

Guy Michelmore


Tim Johnson

Head of Postgraduate Education

Dr. Stephen Baysted

University Liaison Tutor

Andrea Possee

Postgraduate Assistant Course Manager

David Denyer

Composition / Orchestration

Alex Green

Game Sound Design / Audio Programming

Jo Quail

Songwriting / Music Production

Bradley Jordan

Course Production / Student Support

Jenny Bishop

Student Support

Hugh Floyd

Video Editor

Jake Few


Tom Janes

Course Production

Dr. Blake Troise