Black Friday Offers for Composers

Make the most of Black Friday with this list of offers from the ThinkSpace Team

It’s that time of year when we give thanks for some generous discounts on software and hardware that will fill our hearts (and music studios) with joyful sounds. Here’s our roundup of all the best Black Friday deals.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals November 2017 for composers only, this is actually the only list of it’s kind! We’ll be updating this article as new deals are revealed until the end of Cyber Monday… so keep checking back. .

DAW to Score


DAW to Score – £79

All the gear in the world won’t make good music unless you know how to use it. Give yourself the quality training you deserve and become a better producer with the expert video courses in the ThinkSpace Campus.

Join award winning composer Guy Michelmore as he walks you through the whole process from start to finish, from DAW to Score. It shows you the process used by film and games composers the world over, step by step. It joins the dots and lets you see the whole picture in a new way.

Starting work first thing in the morning, the demo is written and recorded by the afternoon. Then we walk through score prep, tidying up the midi and audio. Now off to LA to meet the orchestrator and finally onto the legendary Warner Bros scoring stage to record the finished track.

    • Follow along as you write your own music.
    • Use it as a checklist to uncover the knowledge gaps that you need to fill in.
    • Watch it to get that vital overview of the whole process from start to finish.
    • Join our dedicated community forum to share your tips and tricks.

To learn more aboout DAW to Score; click the button below.

DAW to Score

8DIO are offering a generous discount of up to 50% off their premium Sample Libraries.

On their site you can use the voucher CYB40 as many times and on as many instruments as you need as long they meet the coupon conditions.

The only instruments which are excluded is all instruments related to our Century Series & already discounted Adagio + Agitato volumes

How? It is super simple, all you have to do is add whichever instruments you want and simply apply this coupon in our intelligent cart: CYB40

The promotion begins 10AM PST Tuesday 14 Nov and ends 11:59 PST November 30th.

All Bundles are included in this promotion and are already discounted prior to the unique voucher which you can apply. This will give you savings for up to 50% on Bundles

Naturally, you can only use one coupon per cart.


Spitfire Audio

So… how can you get in on Spitfires ‘The Black Weekend’?

Simply visit their website and make a purchase during the sale.

The Black Weekend runs from 00:01am GMT on Thursday 23 Nov to 11.59pm GMT on Tuesday 28 Nov.

This does however exclude Collections, and Orchestral Swarm (20%) and their Labs instruments.

Collections are specially curated product bundles based on their most popular and favourite lines, chosen for specific applications. Buying a Collection is a cost-effective way to buy multiple products at once (they cost less than buying each product individually). Spitfire are offering a further 15% off each Collection’s discount during The Black Weekend, meaning even greater savings (up to 66% off individual products’ list price, in some cases!).

Already have one of Spitfires products? Their site will intelligently deduct these at the Collection discount rate. Just login, add a collection to your cart and let us do the rest.

You can’t combine the two discounts. However, anyone applying for a student discount during the sale will get a discount code which will “top up” the amount of discount from the 25% on offer to the 30% student discount. If you don’t use it before the end of the sale, you’ll need to reapply to get a full 30% discount code.

Will there be another sale anytime soon?


Native Instruments

Native Instruments have fashioned their Black Friday sales differently, with breath-taking deals across a wide range of their products.

Thanksgiving XXL will see you with a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol Keyboard with Komplete 11 for under £500, for example.

Visit their website to dive deeper into the world of Native Instruments and their double extra large Thanksgiving sale.

Slate Digital

Slate Digital was co-founded in 2008 by Steven Slate and Fabrice Gabriel, with a mission to create the greatest digital audio tools for professional producers, mixers, and engineers.

Slate Companies, consisting of the brands Slate Digital, Steven Slate Drums and Slate Media Technology – is one of the most respected names in professional audio, specializing in the industry’s most authentic analog-modeled DSP software plugins, as well as creating the number one selling microphone and control surfaces in the United States.

The world’s most influential recording artists & engineers are among our customers, but we pride ourselves on being affordable, user-friendly and accessible to anyone wanting to record, mix and master audio.


While their website leaves much to be desired, their products and sale definitely do not.

Started in 2007 by two entrepreneurial composers, Cinesamples has grown to provide creators of media music worldwide with the highest quality and innovative virtual instruments at reasonable prices.

Starting out of necessity, CineSample created new, niche libraries that weren’t initially available in the market . Although Cinesamples has grown to cover full orchestra releases, they’ve continued to find unique and innovative approaches to sample library development and continue their search for niche sounds.

Plugin Alliance
Impact Soundworks
Sound Iron

If you’re serious about furthering your knowledge and your career in music, check out our Postgraduate and Premium courses on our website and see which ones are suitable for you. We’re always happy to help, so send us an email at with any questions and we’ll get back to you.

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