The Music of Captain Marvel – Pinar Toprak

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An Analysis and Review by Lois MuglestonCaptain Marvel is the first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series to be led by a female protagonist. Alongside this, it is the first to have a female director, Anna Boden, and the first major action film to be scored by a woman since Shirley Walker scored Memoirs of an Invisible Man in 1992. The …

Soundtracks and the Value of Anachronism

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Coming across a solo guitar rendition of the song ‘Lonesome Town’ in the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack initially struck me as a little odd. The game is set in 1899, but here is a song from the 1950s, composed by Baker Knight and made famous by Ricky Nelson in 1958 (you may know it from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack). …


Introduction to the Overtone Series

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A Short Lesson On The Nature Of SoundUnderstanding the overtone series may seem at first to be a little abstract, and to an extent it is. But there is a beautiful mathematical simplicity to it that explains so much about the nature of music and sound, and it is worth your time learning to understand it. As you may or …

What is the Best Computer for Music Production and Composition?

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Hi there! Guy here again! I’ve been immensely busy with music recently so I started writing these blogs to help you all get started writing amazing music with the absolute best equipment!

In the last of our composer kick-start blog series we’ll be looking at the best computers for composers. One of the questions that hits our inbox all too frequently is ”should I go for PC or Mac?” and ”what is the best computer for music production”