Game Audio: Creating Tropical Beaches

Welcome back to ThinkSpace Tutorials! In this video, we show you tips and tricks on how to create audio and atmosphere for tropical beaches. As always, our video is led by ThinkSpace’s Guy and he is joined by Sound Designer, Mark Angus, who has recently worked on Alien Isolation.

Trust us on this tutorial — it will almost feel like you’re sunning it up in the Bahamas, cocktail in hand, listening to the crashing waves. Just the thing you need when you wake up to a dark, Winter morning.

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About the Author
Guy Michelmore

Guy Michelmore

Course Director Guy Michelmore is an award winning film composer. He has scored over 8 animated films for Marvel and over 200 episodes of TV for networks all over the world. He also has a detailed knowledge of sampled orchestration and contemporary techniques in film scoring.

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