Postgraduate Open Day – 30th October 2021

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On Saturday 30th October, we held a livestreamed Open Day for those who wanted to find out more about our Postgraduate Degree programs.

If you couldn't make it, we have two options below for you. The video directly below is our uncut, Saturday 30th October (6pm) Open Day. Further down, we have clips from our June Open Day split into helpful chapters and accompanying text. This is useful for those of you who want a quick oversight.

Scroll down to find out more about how we work, the courses we offer, what life as a ThinkSpace Education degree student is like, and how we manage finance and schedules - and make sure to click the buttons as they will link to the accompanying video!

VIDEO: October 2021 Open Day

Introduction to ThinkSpace Education

This was the start of our July 2021 Open Day livestream so please excuse us as we get into the swing of things.

Here we are giving a bit of background information about who we are and the ethos behind our courses. Our courses are all designed and tutored by currently working professionals in the music industry. Whether you are following a contemporary music path, music business, or one of our media and games courses, the information is up-to-date and relevant.

Our degrees are accredited by the University of Chichester. We regularly update our courses both on the academic and administrative side so you can be sure our courses meet all the requirements of accredited, postgraduate degree programs.

As a ThinkSpace Education degree student you get access to our entire collection of materials - that's both degree and non-degree courses. If you have a primary interest in songwriting and music production, but would like to do some additional training in music business and management, you are able to do that without taking the full MFA Creative Industries course. What you miss out on is the additional tuition and marking, but if a quick glance into the world of other careers is all you're looking for than you are able to do so.

Many of our students pick up invaluable information from browsing through our vast collection of course materials (over 1000 hours of videos) so we highly recommend taking advantage of that when on your course!
VIDEO: Introduction to ThinkSpace Education

Who will be teaching me?

Our tutors are one of the strongest part of ThinkSpace Education. All our tutors on the creative courses are currently working composers, sound designers, orchestrators, and artists from all over the world - many of them at the very top of their fields.

The video below looks at some of our tutors and their credits. For those of you interested in MA Songwriting and Music Production, this video doesn't include all the information you need to we highly recommend coming to the live event on Saturday 30th.
VIDEO: Who will be teaching me?

Student Stories and commercial work

The goal of our courses to get you into a position where you feel able and comfortable building your own careers. The evidence of this is in our students and the work they are getting during and after their studies.

However, leaving you to your own devices isn't always the best way to help you along. This is why our program ThinkSpace Productions helps out many of our degree students. This is where we contact film directors, project leads, and game developers to seek new opportunities for all our media music students. A good number of our students have had credits on feature length movies and indie games because of this and it's something we continue working on every year.
VIDEO: Student Stories and commercial work

Studying online

Studying online isn't the first thing you think of when deciding whether to gain a postgraduate qualification. However, for many of our students this is the only way that they could have gained their qualification.

An online course means you do not to relocate to study, and many of our students are able to keep up their work and family obligations. With slow and flexible schedules you can truly tailor your studies around your current life with minimal impact. Now, studying any degree is a large undertaking and should not be entered into without deciding that it's truly what is right for you, but if you did decide to study with us we are able to work your course around your life and we understand that everyone is coming into this with different needs and commitments.

An often overlooked benefit of studying online is access to worldwide faculty. As mentioned before, our tutors are all currently working professionals who would not have the time to commute or relocate to teach these classes, but with ThinkSpace Education they are able to dedicate their time outside of their creative careers to marking assignments and running live webinars without being limited to institution only in their area.
VIDEO: Studying online

Our courses

Each of our courses are designed to focus on a different career in the music industry. The videos below will tell you a bit about each of our courses, but if you want to browse the website and look at the programs yourself then take a look at the 'Postgraduate Overview' page. On there you will find a summary of all of our programs and links to relevant parts of the website.

For those of you who want to take your studies to the next level, you may be interested in our Master of Fine Arts programs. In essence, these combines two of our MA courses in one. This will allow you great diversity when building your career and will offer you unique opportunities when working on new projects.
Postgraduate Overview

Time Commitment

We understand many of you will already have work and family commitments which will affect how much time you can dedicate to your studies. Flexibility is key, and we offer different schedules for all courses.

When studying on an MA program, you can study over 1 year full-time, or 2 and 3 years part-time. For the MFA programs, you can study over 2, 3 or 4 years. There is also the opportunity to change your schedule part way through your studies if you find you need to take things at a slower pace.
VIDEO: Time Commitment


We understand financing a postgraduate degree course can be challenging. Eligible UK students may now apply for a government Postgraduate Student Loan, while non-UK students can use our flexible interest-free payment plans. In this video you will find out how we structure our course payments, and the options available to applicants looking to study with us.

ThinkSpace Education degree courses are priced in UK pounds but our payment partner Flywire offers easy payment options to students all over the world to allow you to pay in various different currencies.
VIDEO: Finance


Each of our courses have different requirements. All the information you need can be found on the course pages, but if you have any questions about your eligibility feel free to drop us an email. We recommend this for anyone interested in applying, as it's a great chance to introduce yourself and ask any questions.

You can also find more information on the Applications page of our website, so please go ahead and browse our site for more information.
VIDEO: Requirements

Taster Week

Throughout the year, we run Postgraduate Taster Weeks which give you a chance to try out some degree course materials, get some feedback, and take part in some live events. This is a great opportunity to see if our way of teaching is right for you. You will have access to content selected from every degree course, so no matter which of our degrees you are interested in, we encourage you to come along.

The Postgraduate Taster Week is available to anyone that has paid the application fee, which can be found at the end of the 'Postgraduate Application Pack'.
  • Access to course materials and assignments
  • Speak with current students and tutors
  • Live webinars throughout the week
  • Feedback on your work
VIDEO: Taster Week