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Music For the Media is back!

We’re excited to announce a major update to one of our premium courses. Now in its 20th year, one of our most popular courses, Music For The Media, is a program that has helped launch countless careers and, for 2016, it has been improved with a well deserved upgrade!

Now our Music For The Media course is even better with updates that include:

• 2016 Course Text Completely Updated

• New Unit On Trailer Music

• New Lower Prices Mean Even Better Value

• 20 Hours Of Video

• Fully Downloadable Content

• Taught By Working Professional Composers

• Work On New Real-Life Projects

NEW Course Reader
: All our premium courses are now available in our revolutionary Course Reader. Think of it like an eReader but with embedded HD video, audio and links.

Try it. You’ll love it.

And speaking of trying it…

Try for free!

Take the complete first unit of any of our courses free of charge. That’s right, you heard us!

You can find out for yourself why 5000 students have chosen ThinkSpace Education to help launch their careers.

Music for the Media: Volume 1

All about writing commercial media music for games, trailers and library. It also gives you advice on keeping the client happy and learning to write to a brief.

Music for the Media: Volume 2

Scoring to picture. The creative and technical challenges scoring to picture presents in documentary, animation, commercials and feature films.

NEW: Standard and Gold Editions

All our courses now come in two editions: Standard and Gold.

Standard gives you course materials, feedback and support through our dedicated course forum. Standard is good value and a great place to start your ThinkSpace experience. If you really want to dig in and turbo-charge your career, then go for the Gold Edition. This gives you personal feedback on your projects from a working professional composer or orchestrator and allows you extra time, bonus units and much more.

Current students: We haven’t forgotten about you! You will have the new Music for The Media Standard Edition added to your courses free of charge.

Ex-Music for the Media students can still benefit as well. If you have previously enrolled in the course but are no longer active, then you can sign up to either of the new editions at 33% off the normal price (please get in touch for more details).

Do you have any questions about ThinkSpace Education’s updated Music for the Media course? Don’t hesitate to get in touch either by dropping us a line on Facebook , Twitter or you can contact us through our website.

About the Author
Guy Michelmore

Guy Michelmore

Course Director Guy Michelmore is an award winning film composer. He has scored over 8 animated films for Marvel and over 200 episodes of TV for networks all over the world. He also has a detailed knowledge of sampled orchestration and contemporary techniques in film scoring.

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