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ThinkSpace Student Story: MA Student Simon Horsey

Recently, we were joined by Simon Horsey, who is teacher and is studying a Masters in Orchestration for films, games and TV. We spoke about his experience learning with ThinkSpace and how the course has made an impact on his music and career.

“I’ve always been interested in media music and orchestration – I come from a classical background,” Simon told us. “I had done the Cinematic Orchestration course and was most of the way through Music for the Media and I could see that the MA’s were starting.”

“From a teaching perspective (aside from wanting to do it professionally), games, TV, movies are relevant and becoming even more so to the students I was teaching, so I certainly thought it would help inform my teaching, as well. However, during the course, I’ve got more into it and decided that might be a direction I want to move in now in terms of a job.”

Watch the full interview with Simon below:

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