ThinkSpace Post Graduate Taster Week!

Interested in applying for one of our post graduate courses, but still on the fence?

ThinkSpace Education’s Master’s Degrees offer a unique way of learning the skills your clients demand, as well as earning a respected qualification that puts you a step ahead of the rest. But what is it like to actually take one of our online degree courses?

Taster week is an opportunity to find out. Step into the shoes of one of our postgraduate students and get to know what it’s all about.

What Does it Involve?

Get access to exclusive course materials usually only available to our MA/MFA degree students. Take part in a webinars throughout the week with our staff and tutors, not to mention your future fellow class mates.

How Do I Take Part?

Everyone who has purchased an application pack for one of our postgraduate programmes by November 17th will be invited to take part in our Taster Week

Secure your invitation by November 17th!

If you want to receive your invitation to taster week, make sure you have purchased the application pack before November 17th. Your application pack stays with your profile forever, and if you change your mind on what course you want to take, just get in touch and we can swap it free of charge!

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About the Author

Guy Michelmore

Course Director Guy Michelmore is an award winning film composer. He has scored over 8 animated films for Marvel and over 200 episodes of TV for networks all over the world. He also has a detailed knowledge of sampled orchestration and contemporary techniques in film scoring.

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