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Composition & Orchestration

Music For The Media Standard Bundle (Non-Tutored)
$498 $399

Music For The Media: Volume One

Music For The Media: Volume One is all about making a living writing music people want to buy. The course prepares you for some of the most dynamic areas of the industry including trailers and games, production music and television themes. You will be learning to step outside your comfort zone and write music to a specific client brief, something most first time media composers find extremely difficult. This is the fundamental skill that is the bedrock on which careers are built. In this course, award winning composers show you how it’s done, revealing the secrets of their craft and passing on inside knowledge and invaluable tips that can turbo charge your career.

Music For The Media: Volume Two

Music For The Media: Volume Two is an intensive course in film scoring that covers both the technical and creative aspects of writing film soundtracks, scoring TV shows and much more. Written and presented by award winning composers, the course takes you from spotting and synching your music to picture, through to composing for feature films and delivering. Building on the core skills established in Music for the Media: Volume One, this course will help you develop your career as a film or TV composer.

Harmony Standard Bundle (Non-Tutored)

Harmony One

Well-written harmony can transform your music. This online course will give you the core skills and techniques to get started writing successful four-part harmony. Unlike most music theory courses, it is firmly based in the real-world and is presented with our trademark practical, no-nonsense style. You will learn harmony from working film composers and orchestrators. It’s a practical, inspiring online music course that delivers four-part harmony on a need-to-know basis. There’s nothing you’ll learn that you can’t use to improve your music right now. Hours of video tutorials, detailed supporting text with loads of examples, this course will bring this subject to life and turbo charge your composition.

Harmony Two

Give a lift to your music with advanced harmonic techniques from modal harmony to counterpoint. Go beyond major key harmony and learn to work in minor keys, use of extended chromatic chords, augmented 6ths, 11ths and 13ths to increase the range of tonal colours in your music. Learn about modulation, secondary dominants, accented passing notes, suspensions and anticipations to give personality to your compositions. If you have a grounding in basic four-part harmony, this course will help bring clarity to your music and help you produce complex arrangements more quickly and effectively.

Music Production

Sound Design Standard Bundle (Non-Tutored)
$404 $289

Sound Design Essentials

Is a dated musical style stopping you from fulfilling your potential? Bring your music bang up to date with these essential contemporary techniques. Learn to create the cool effects you hear every day in games, films, trailers and TV. Reverses, drones, rhythmic pulses, digital audio manipulation, synth programming 101 and much more. Join top trailer composers and EDM artist Konstantine Pope. Techniques that work with any DAW.  This course has transformed the careers of many composers.

Sound Design Pro

Learn to produce the cutting-edge sound of today’s games and movies with trailer composer Konstantine Pope. Working with digital audio and synths like Razor, Serum and Massive, creating braams, risers, complex multi-layered sound design, advanced pulses and drones, comb-filtering , essential drum programming and more. Don’t let your sound get left behind. Stay current with Sound Design Professional.