Cinematic Orchestration

Learn how to orchestrate for film, television or games using either samples or live players. Taught by top Hollywood composers and orchestrators, this course will show you how to produce epic and inspiring orchestral film scores using the techniques developed by the film and television industry. This online course gives you a comprehensive training in sampled orchestration, and over 30 hours of in-depth tutorials with some of the world’s leading session musicians, orchestrators and composers.

  • Break down all sections of the orchestra and produce epic orchestral scores.
  • Over 30 hours of video tutorials in both DAW and notation programs.
  • Comprehensive course text.
  • Lifelong access and 30-day money back guarantee.

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Course Content

Learn how to create vivid and life-like orchestral mockups, how to use orchestral templates, and make informed choices about your choice of samples. Discover how each section of the orchestra works from film session players from movies like Batman Begins and Star Wars. Practice professional techniques used for creating scores that session musicians can play easily, allowing you to write more idiomatically for their instruments and save time during recording sessions.

  • Top film Hollywood orchestrators explain how to approach major motion picture and video game projects and produce scores using industry standard practice.
  • Film session musicians explain how to write for their instruments.
  • Go from first sketch through to live orchestral recording with our own 50-piece film orchestra.
  • How to create vivid and life-like orchestral mockups.

The thing that was most appealing to me was that the people designing to courses were actually working composers.
There's always something to learn... I've gone on to done a bunch of films, documentaries, animation, and my first feature last year. It's been very exciting, and these are always a reference for me to go back to.
Jeffrey Johnston

Cinematic Orchestration Student

Course Structure

An Introduction To Cinematic Orchestration
Introducing our live orchestra, different approaches to sampled and live scoring and workflow, take-downs, and how to orchestrate from audio files.
String 1: Instrument Guide
Top session musicians who played on Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Madagascar 2, Gladiator, Dark Knight and hundreds more, explain how to write for their instruments.
String 2: Composing Techniques
James Bond orchestrator Nic Raine arranges a piece from scratch in Sibelius, then records his work with our own live string orchestra. Guy Michelmore gives you a detailed look at creating realistic sampled string arrangements.
Woodwind 1: Instrument Guide
Learn about individual woodwind instruments and how to write for them with session player, Jamie Talbot. How to produce a convincing sampled woodwind section and the library choices available to you.
Woodwind 2: Composing Techniques
Course orchestrator, Nic Raine, arranges a piece for woodwind and strings, then records his work with our live orchestra. There’s also a real-time sampled scoring demonstration of writing for woodwind and strings with Guy Michelmore.
Brass 1: Instrument Guide
Take a detailed look at the ranges, articulations, strengths and weaknesses of the individual brass instruments, with session players with credits from Harry Potter to The Dark Knight.
Brass 2: Composing Techniques
Brass writing tips and tricks, plus an exclusive master class in swing band writing with prolific arranger, Steve Sidwell. We arrange a piece from scratch and then record it with our live orchestra. Finally a real-time scoring demonstration of writing for sampled brass with Guy Michelmore.
Writing For Harp And Percussion
This unit looks at the highly technical area of writing for both harp and percussion. We will then show you how to create a percussion track with samples and real-time scoring demonstrations.
Writing For Small Orchestra
Bring it all together with specific techniques and considerations for getting the most out of smaller orchestras and ensembles, including a bar-by-bar analysis of The Snowman with the composer, Howard Blake.
Writing For Large Orchestra
A bar-by-bar analysis of the main title tracks of Star Wars with Hollywood orchestrator and composer, Charles Fernandez, followed by live orchestration demonstrations from piano score to final recording of film cues in different styles with Nic Raine. Conclude with a detailed guide on how to create epic orchestral sounds just by using samples.
Working With Live Musicians
Learn how to take a MIDI demo and turn it into a performable piece of music. We will also explore the many things you need to know about preparing scores, parts, backing tracks, click tracks, running orders, mix minuses, Pro Tools sessions, and more.
Bonus 1: The Complete Guide To Sampled Orchestration
Everything you need to know about how sampling works - the technology, the libraries and the developers. Learn how to use multiple articulations and controllers, MIDI performance techniques, how to overcome various sample limitations to achieve a realistic sound, plus more. Also included are video interviews from Vienna and LA with the men behind both VSL and the EWQL libraries.
Bonus 2: String Fingering & Playability Charts
Avoid writing unplayable string parts with our detailed fingering charts for each of the different string instruments.
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Course Instructors

Cinematic Orchestration has been created by working professional composers and orchestrators. Watch Nick Raine (Book Thief, Goldeneye 007, Empire Total War), Bill Boston (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) Charles Fernandez (007 Spectre Trailer) and many more showing you how to do what they do best.

We take you right inside the world of the commercial orchestrator and composer to give you the inside information to bring your career to life.
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Nick Raine

Orchestration / Conducting

Bill Boston

Composition / Orchestration

Charles Fernandez

Composition / Orchestration

Guy Michelmore

Composition / Orchestration
Cinematic Orchestration helped my composition skills at every level. The course notes and videos are comprehensive… I have many years of music production experience in many types of music yet Cinematic Orchestration helped my sampled mock-ups enormously.

Rupert Gibb

Film Composer

I’ve found that the Cinematic Orchestration course has guided and encouraged me to dissect every characteristic of individual instruments in detail and then to use them to their full potential.

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  • Break down all sections of the orchestra and produce epic orchestral scores.
  • Over 30 hours of video tutorials in both DAW and notation programs.
  • Comprehensive course text.
  • Lifelong access and 30-day money back guarantee.
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