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Music For The Media is an intensive course in film scoring that covers both the technical and creative aspects of writing film soundtracks, scoring TV shows and much more. Written and presented by award-winning composers, the course takes you from spotting and synching your music to picture, through to composing for feature films and delivering your work to clients. This course will help you develop your career as a film or TV composer.

  • The comprehensive guide to media composition.
  • Tens of hours of video tutorials and interviews with an expansive course text.
  • Downloadable video files from real-world projects.
  • Lifelong access and 30-day money back guarantee.

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Course Content

Learn everything you need to know to make money with your music in the film, games, and television industries. Watch interviews with real working professionals, giving you contemporary industry advice from professionals right at the heart of the industry. We also give you real-world challenges to motivate you to take action.

  • Learn the technical aspects of working to picture, including timecodes, codecs, time-locked markers and more.
  • Work with real-world projects, read the picture, and learn to adapt your music to fit different genres and specifications.
  • How to manage changes to your music, implement notes and keep on top of the client’s demands.
  • How to deliver your music to fit industry standards.
  • Learn the skill of writing great tunes, themes and motifs.
  • Uncover the value of sounding different and developing a sound of your own.

Course Structure

1. Welcome & Professional Skills
In this unit, we’ll take you through the basics of the course and some workflow techniques to speed up your writing.
2. Corporate Video
Composing for a corporate video is a likely place for most of you to start your careers, so we give you all the inside information on what they’ll want and how to deliver.
3. TV Themes & Tune Writing
Writing a good tune can be difficult, but in this unit, we show you just how simple it can be. With some guidance from top professionals, you’ll be writing a catchy tune in no time.
4. Library Music & The Importance of Originality
Lots of musicians struggle with originality, hence why lots of companies now go to library music companies for music. In this unit, you’ll be shown how to stay original, and how to write for libraries.
5. Trailers & Production
Trailers. No successful film is ever without one, and they almost always need music. Unit 5 takes you through the role music plays in trailers, and you’ll see how trailer tracks are constructed for maximum impact and effectiveness.
6. Video Game Music
Music for video games is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in recent years. Unit 6 will get you up to speed with current gaming needs and how music is made to fit linearly and interactively within games.
7. Writing To Picture
How it works, how to do it, the common mistakes and pitfalls for the unwary.
8. Wildlife Documentaries
Writing music for documentaries and nature films. Reaching beyond the technical aspects of writing to picture into the more challenging creative considerations.
9. Working With Animation
How to write really close synched music, sync to lots of hit points, and how to read the picture effectively.
10. Commercials
How to tell a story in a short space of time and how to implement notes and take account of last-minute changes to the picture.
11. Feature Films: Part 1
How to score a movie and create a memorable soundtrack that lifts the film and forges a lasting relationship with the director.
12. Feature Films: Part 2
Put film music in historic context, analyse existing film music, learn about codecs and deliverables, and practice your skills further.
13. Getting Work (Bonus Unit)
How composers are paid, royalties, finding work and building a great demo reel.
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Course Instructors

Your course has been created by working, professional film and tv composers who know exactly what you need to know. Based in Los Angeles, London and around the world, this global faculty of award winning composers and orchestrators has come together to create a course designed to help you onto or further up the industry ladder.

Music for the Media is written and presented by working professional composers and orchestrators. Hours of show-how video tutorials with EMMY nominated composer Guy Michelmore (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Lassie, Jungle Book) take you right inside the world of the commercial media music to give you the inside information to bring your career to life.
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Guy Michelmore

Composition / Orchestration

Matthew Strachan

Composition / Sound Design

Mark Sylvan

Composition / Video Games

Erik Desiderio


'Bob & Barn'

Video Games

George Fenton

Music For The Media stands head and shoulders above any of those courses in terms of focus, content, scope and price. There’s zero flab and the fact that content can be downloaded and revisited is a great bonus.

I firmly believe taking the courses at ThinkSpace enormously increases your chances of breaking through that “closed-door” of the music industry, giving you “inside knowledge” that you would never otherwise find.

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  • The comprehensive guide to media composition.
  • Tens of hours of video tutorials and interviews with an expansive course text.
  • Downloadable video files from real-world projects.
  • Lifelong access and 30-day money back guarantee.
Buy Now - $349
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