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You want to make a living writing film, games or TV music but, like most composers, you probably have a lot more questions than answers. Where on earth do you start? What’s the most effective way of getting your first job? How do composers actually make a living? Where does the money come from? How do royalties work?

Working Composer will answer all those questions. You will learn to develop a viable business plan, put together a demo reel and social media strategy, find out about the many income streams available to composers and even take a look at how to negotiate.

  • Learn how to find work as a composer.
  • Over 6 hours of video tutorials.
  • A comprehensive course text.
  • Lifelong access and 30-day money back guarantee.

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Course Content

Learn everything you need to know to make money with your music in the film, games, and television industries. Watch interviews with real working professionals, giving you contemporary industry advice from professionals right at the heart of the industry. We also give you real-world challenges to motivate you to take action.

  • How to start working and gain credits.
  • Learn how to manage the complexities of copyright and collect royalties.
  • Presenting yourself to the market, your web and social media presence, branding and your demo reel.
  • Getting out into the working world and finding specific market opportunities.
  • Pitching yourself to clients.
  • How to plan out your own career.

Course Structure

1. Career Planning And Market Research
How to choose and analyse a viable target market.
2. Promoting Yourself
How to promote yourself using demo reels, a website, and social media.
3. Copyright
What is copyright, how to use it to make money, and how to avoid being sued.
4. Royalties
Learn about royalties, where they come from, and how you collect them.
5. Finding Work Opportunities
Techniques and tips for finding work opportunities and starting your career.
6. Selling And Marketing
How to pitch and convert opportunities into commissions.
7. Agents, Publishers, And The Big Time
How do agents and publishers work, and how they can help when Hollywood comes calling.
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Course Instructors

The tutors featured in this course are all working composers and industry professionals. Currently working at the forefront of their respective fields, these tutors are able to bring you up-to-date industry information and tips.

By providing professionals from both the creative and business side of the industry, we can give the full picture of what it is like be a working professional in the music industry.
See All Teaching Staff

Anne Miller

Director of TV & Film at Accorder Music

Claire Fitch

Composer / Sound Designer

Darrell Alexander

Music Agent / CEO of COOL Music

Erik Desiderio


Gina Zdanowicz

Sound Designer / Composer

Maggie Rodford

Managing Director of Air-Edel
I really like the way they teach, I like the way they show you how to do it, and they follow that up with the practical uses.

Thinkspace Education has transformed my career trajectory as a professional musician, and provided excellent online training and support.

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  • Learn how to find work as a composer.
  • Over 6-hours of video tutorials in both Logic and Cubase.
  • A comprehensive course text.
  • Lifelong access and 30-day money back guarantee.
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