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DAW To Score – $160 $112

Join award winning composer Guy Michelmore as he walks you through the whole process of composing a piece in his studio through to the live orchestral session. It shows you the process used by professional film and games composers the world over, step by step. Starting work first thing in the morning, the demo is written and recorded by the afternoon. Then we walk through score prep, tidying up the midi and audio. Now off to LA to meet the orchestrator and finally onto the legendary Warner Bros scoring stage to record the finished track.

Composer Blueprints Training – $229 $153

Composer Blueprint Training is your shortcut to scoring many of the most in demand styles and genres. Watch over the shoulder as award winning composer Guy Michelmore writes cues in these key styles: Action, Comedy, Emotive, Ethnic, Heroic, Fantasy, Suspense, Contemporary Hybrid Action, ‘Moody’ Drama. Guy lets you in on the secrets many working professional composers use to nail these common styles.  6 hours of video plus comprehensive course text. Swipe the ideas and get up and running quickly or use them as a jumping off point to find your own voice. 

Cinematic Orchestration – $499 $349

If you want to learn how to orchestrate for film, television or games using either samples or live players, then look no further than Cinematic Orchestration. Taught by top Hollywood composers and orchestrators, this course will show you how to produce epic and inspiring orchestral film scores using the techniques developed by the film and television industry. This online course gives you a comprehensive training in sampled orchestration as well as over 30 hours of in-depth tutorials with some of the world’s leading session musicians, orchestrators and composers.

Music For The Media – $499 $349

Music For The Media is an intensive course in film scoring that covers both the technical and creative aspects of writing film soundtracks, scoring TV shows and much more. Written and presented by award winning composers, the course takes you from spotting and synching your music to picture, through to composing for feature films and delivering. This course will help you develop your career as a film or TV composer. Work on a wide range of inspiring video material from short films, animation, commercials, documentaries and natural history films. Packed with yet more insightful real-time scoring demonstrations from award winning composers.