Student Finance


Thinkspace postgraduate students are eligible for a number of student finance programs both in the UK and the USA. We also pleased to offer an interest free payment plan so you can graduate debt free. We set our fees in pounds sterling, US dollars and euros so students can plan ahead and are protected from exchange rate fluctuations.

US Students

Private student loan provider Sallie Mae now provides finance for ThinkSpace postgraduate students through its relationship with the University of Chichester. Their graduate student smart loan program provides finance for all ThinkSpace graduate degrees. For details of how to apply and full terms and conditions, see their web site.

Studying at a UK based distance learning institution, you are not eligible for Title IV federal loans.

English Postgraduate Student Loans

Private alternative providers like ThinkSpace are not currently able to offer Postgraduate Student Loans but we hope that situation will change in years to come.

Borrowing money is a serious decision and we would urge you to borrow responsibly and consider carefully how you will afford repayments.

Interest Free Payment Plan

For most students, the best value is our very own interest free instalment plan. Affordable monthly payments that spread the cost of your course over the length of time you are studying. It means you graduate debt free.

For example, for a part time student on a 3 year MA program, repayments would be less than $360 a month.

Paying for Your Course

The interest free payment plan is available to all students except those in receipt of a Career Development Loan or Sallie Mae Student Loan.

For those eligible for the interest free payment plan, monthly payments can be made by credit card, or arrangements can be made to pay via bank transfer.

You pay your fees in full at the start of your course or we can invoice you at the start of each term.

We have sterling, euro and dollar accounts in the UK and a dollar account based in the USA. You cannot use Paypal to pay degree course fees.

When paying by wire or bank transfer include your student number as the reference.

We are restricting interest free payment plans to those who really need it. “Interest free” costs us money and by limiting its availability to those without access to external sources of funding, we hope we will be able to avoid increasing the fees for everybody. As always, if any of this gives you a real problem, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

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