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Our goal has always been to make education accessible and affordable, and our first step towards this goal was the release of our Short Courses, How To Write Music and Learn Music Theory.

Throughout 2021, we hope to bring more educational materials that are totally free of charge to our current catalogue of courses. This is a growing list, and we aim to bring more of these to you in the near future - so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in more in-depth training, please see our list of Short Course here:
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Music Technology

Our music tech courses cover a wide variety of topics that allow you to understand the fundamentals of creating music for media with your computer. Learn how to build templates for different kinds of setups, how to use sampled instruments to inject life into your compositions, and how to mix your orchestral and hybrid tracks like the professionals. Our musical sound design courses break down the modern hybrid sound and teach you how to recreate a wide selection of common effects and techniques.
Getting Started With East West Composer Cloud
A free introduction to EastWest’s Composer Cloud - the world’s largest subscription service for sampled instruments.

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Start your composing career today with our

Free Composing Guide

Download our free guide to scoring films, written by award-winning professional composer, Guy Michelmore.
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