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The ThinkSpace Education
5-Day Taster Course

Taken from our 2020 holiday event, this is a free overview of some of our most popular courses.

In this course you will find a selection of materials from some of our most popular courses. Alongside these taster units, there are tutorials that apply some of the skills taught in the videos in practical situations. (These were shot during Christmas 2020, they may be slightly Christmas themed...)

This free course is a must-have for those of you who would like to see how our courses work, or aren't quite sure which of our courses is right for you. The 5-Day Taster Course is probably our most comprehensive free program, so dig in!

  • Over 2 hours of materials from our most popular courses.
  • Learn about harmony, composition, and sampled orchestration.
  • An additional 2 hours of unseen demonstration videos.
  • An insight into our most popular courses.

Course Content

5-Day Taster Course covers a wide variety of different topics. We look at material from a selection of our most popular courses, which subjects including: composition, music technology, and creative techniques to help kickstart your journey as a composer.

By the end, you will have seen lessons taken from these courses:

  • How to Score Films - Spotting and Scoring
  • How to Write Music - Chord voicings and Inversions
  • Learn Music Theory - Borrowed chords and Modes
  • Sampled Orchestration in a Weekend - Different articulations per track
  • Template in a Weekend - Starting a template

Witnessing a professional composer working his craft is always inspiring and contains workflows or ideas you might not have thought of yourself.


I discovered Guy on YouTube and was completely mind-blown by his energy and passion. That's why I choose ThinkSpace Education, because of their passion and how they make things simple and clear.