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Getting Started With

EastWest Composer Cloud

An introduction to EastWest’s Composer Cloud - the world’s largest subscription service for sampled instruments.

In this course you will look at the setup process, how to work with the ‘PLAY’ sample player, and then a brief look at all 67 libraries this subscription has to offer. We finish off with a more in-depth look at scoring with Hollywood Strings, and approaching DAW templates using Hollywood Brass.

If you want to get into MIDI composition and orchestration, then this service is worth checking out to test your skills. Sample libraries can be expensive, and you may not know what you like until you have tried it out. Composer Cloud gives you the chance to affordably try out their products. Paired with this free course, you will be well on your way to learning how to use professional sample library technology.

  • 2 hours of video tutorials and reviews.
  • Lifelong access to the course and your student account.
  • Intro to all Composer Cloud instruments.
  • A deep dive into Hollywood Strings and Brass.

Course Content

EastWest are one of the largest suppliers of sample libraries. Their subscription service, Composer Cloud, gives you the chance to try all of their sample library products at a monthly fee. This is great, but the choice of samples can be whelming - with such a large collection of libraries, which ones are worth your time and where do you start?

This course takes a look at what this service has to offer, which libraries are worth incorporating into your workflow, and a dive into some of the more reputable products they have to offer.

By the end, you will have a much better understanding of this service.

  • Decide which subscription model is best for your needs.
  • Installing the EastWest Installation app and Play software.
  • Working with the Play sample player.
  • A brief intro to each of the 67 libraries in Composer Cloud.
  • A more in-depth look at using Hollywood Strings.
  • Different approaches to DAW templates using Hollywood Brass.

I really like the way they teach, I like the way they show you how to do it, and they follow that up with the practical uses.

Great content. The information is presented in a clear and engaging manner.