Lesson One – How To Score Fantasy Music

In this video you will learn:

  • Tune writing using ideosyncratic (and perhaps less obvious) fantasy chord progressions.
  • Building the fantasy orchestral template. (Time to break out those woodwind samples!)
  • How to structure a theme and how this relates to its ’emotional and musical dynamic’. What does Guy mean by this? Watch on and find out!

Want More Information?

All ThinkSpace Education courses come with downloadable course text – and this micro course is no exception! As a bonus, in the download you’ll find additional information with recommended listening and a guide on which sample libraries will work best in the fantasy genre.

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Have you seen Composer Blueprints Training…?


How to Score Fantasy is just part of our Composer Blueprints Training course in which we cover all the major go-to styles composers are asked for:

Action – Comedy – Suspense – Heroic – Emotive – ‘Moody’ Drama – Ethnic – Contemporary Action