Importing Movies Into Logic Pro X
How To Score Films | Course Preview
Have You Seen How To Score Films?
  • Over-the-shoulder scoring demonstrations.
  • Entertaining, fast and effective – everything you need in one place.
  • 6 hours of video tutorials in both Cubase and Logic.
  • Insider tips and tricks learnt from hundreds of A list film, TV and games scoring projects.
  • Lifelong course access and full money back guarantee.
Learn the best way to spotting a movie.
Avoid mickey-mousing, find the most effective visual hit-points and setup your DAW to maximize your scoring productivity.
Learn where music should, and shouldn’t, be used.
Watch Guy start from scratch scoring multiple movies/films and see how to navigate certain pitfalls when working on your own projects.
Downloadable movies for you to score.
Valuable information on managing your relationships with clients to make sure you’re hitting the brief every time.