Kontakt 101

Price from $69
For a full list of prices, see below


Price from $69
For a full list of prices, see below

Creative instrument design for people who want to sound different.

Kontakt 101 takes you through everything you need to know to learn how to create your own instruments in Kontakt using the built in sample manipulation features. Design complex virtual instruments using multiple layers, round-robins, keyswitches and much more.

But it’s more than just hours of totally immersive video tutorials. You will receive a comprehensive course text and all the files included in the videos so you can really drill down and see every technique in real detail. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a tutor lead forum where you can share your instruments and chat with your classmates.

    • Learn how to create a simple sampled instrument in minutes.
    • Create complex virtual instruments with no programming or scripting knowledge required.
    • Join our dedicated community forum to share your instruments and mixes.
    • All materials are fully downloadable, an invaluable resource you’ll be going back to over and over again.

Enrol Now – The comprehensive guide to writing film, games and television music in the most sought after styles.

What Will I Learn?

Kontakt 101 boasts over two hours of video tutorials with Kontakt programmer David Healey. Join him as he guides you through how to correctly prepare and export samples, create velocity layers, round-robins and instrument keyswitches; all using the native Kontakt controls.

    • Quick start sample creation
    • No complex scripting required
    • Create powerful unique sounds
    • Round-robins and groups
    • Keyswitches
    • Velocity layers and dynamics

Who’s Teaching Me?

The course is specifically designed for composers and musicians who want to sound different from the rest. Ever wanted to create acoustic instruments in a virtual domain? Well, Kontakt Guru David Healey (who has worked on sample libraries for Sampleism, Strezov Sampling, Tronsonic, Wavesfactory, Aria Sounds, Bela D and more) takes you through everything you need to know to create your own sampled instruments.

He’s joined by multi award winning film and TV composer Guy Michelmore best known for his work with Marvel, Disney and Dreamworks


  • Introduction

    Get ready to enter the world of the professional film, games and TV composer. Meet Guy Michelmore who will be introducing you to many of the styles requested most often by his international roster of clients.

  • Styles

    Action, Contemporary Action, Emotive, Ethnic, Heroic, Fantasy, Suspense, Moody Drama and more.

  • Bonus Unit 1:

    A simple trick to add live guitar to your music for non-guitar players!

  • Bonus Unit 2:

    A time-saving technique we use every day in our commercial scoring work that keeps us on schedule and keeps major broadcasters happy.


Standard Edition

  • Kontakt 101
  • $69


  • Internet Access

    You need access to a reliable broadband internet connection to download and stream the course materials, preferably 5Mb/s or better. We need an active email address that can receive emails from us. Course materials are both streamed and downloadable and in total can come to 20GBs or more so you need at enough disk space to store the materials as well.

  • Computer

    The minimum required specs for your PC or Mac only need to match the minimum requirements to run Kontakt 4/5. You can check what these are on the Native Instruments website.

  • Software

    The only software you’ll need for the course is either Kontakt 4 or 5 by Native Instruments. This is available to purchase through their website

  • Musical Knowledge

    You don’t need to be able to read music to take the course, but you must have at least a basic understanding of how to write music and be able to create a piece and record it with reasonable fluency.

  • Time

    The video material totals at over 2 hours, however you can watch them in whatever sitting suits you best.

  • Downloadable Materials

    Downloadable course materials are only enabled after the money-back guarantee has either been waived or expired.

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