Music For The Media
Volume 1

Price from $249
For a full list of prices, see below

Music For The Media:
Volume 1

Price from $249
For a full list of prices, see below

Learn to write music clients want to buy.

MFTM Volume 1 is all about making a living writing music people want to buy. The course prepares you for some of the most dynamic areas of the industry including trailers and games, production music and TV themes. You will be learning to step outside your comfort zone and write music to a specific client brief, something most first time media composers find extremely difficult. This is the fundamental skill that is the bedrock on which careers are built.

In this course, award winning composers show you how it’s done, revealing the secrets of their craft and passing on inside knowledge and invaluable tips that can turbo charge your career.

    • Hours of over-the-shoulder scoring videos revealing tricks of the trade on how to get ahead.
    • Work on real-world projects with briefs given by the original directors and producers.
    • Interviews with dozens of top composers and real-world producers and directors telling you what they are looking for in a composer.
    • Access all of the materials online forever, or download them to read/watch/listen to offline – an invaluable resource you’ll be going back to over and over again.

What are you waiting for? – Enrol now and see why over 5000 composers have used MFTM as a spring-board for their careers.


    • Learn the secrets of writing great tunes, themes and motifs.
    • Uncover the value of sounding different and developing a sound of your own.
    • You will learn to step outside your comfort zone and write music that sells.
    • You will learn to decode a real-world professional brief and give the client what they want.
    • Discover new markets and new opportunities to make a living in the dark corners of the business many composers overlook.
    • Get inside knowledge to help unlock markets like trailers, video games, production music and more.


Listen to upcoming composer Aaron Crouch discuss his experience on Music For The Media

Who’s Teaching Me?

Music for the Media is written and presented by working professional composers and orchestrators. Hours of show-how video tutorials with EMMY nominated composer Guy Michelmore (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Lassie, Jungle Book) take you right inside the world of the commercial media music to give you the inside information to bring your career to life.

Choose the Gold edition and get personal feedback on your projects from a working professional composer, somebody who really knows what’s going on in the business right now and can help you upgrade your music and step up to the next level.

“The tutor feedback really helped me to focus on the weaker parts of my compositional skills, as well as enhance my overall production quality.”

-Tyrone Howe

“I received very honest feedback about the music I was composing, but at the same time encouraging feedback about the things I needed to do to improve my work.”

-Oscar Flores-Zazueta
Louder Productions


In Volume 1 we concentrate on some of the fastest growing areas of the business. You won’t be writing to picture in this course, you’ll be writing to an assignment brief which is much more important and often much harder.

  • Unit 1 – Welcome & Workflow

    In this unit we’ll take you through the basics of the course and some workflow techniques to speed up your writing.

  • Unit 2 – Corporate Video

    Corporate video is a likely place for most of you to start your careers, so we give you all the inside information on what they’ll want and how to deliver.

  • Unit 3 – TV Themes & Tune Writing

    Writing a good tune can be difficult, but in this unit we show you just how simple it can be. With some guidance from top professionals you’ll be writing a catchy tune in no time.

  • Unit 4 – Library Music & The Importance of Originality

    Lots of musicians struggle with originality, hence why lots of companies now go to library music companies for music. In this unit you’ll be shown how to stay original, and how to write for libraries.

  • Unit 5 – Trailers & Production

    Trailers. No successful film is ever without one, and they all need music. Unit 5 takes you though the role music plays in trailers, and you’ll see how trailer tracks are constructed for maximum impact and effectiveness.

  • Unit 6 – Video Game Music

    Music for video games is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in recent years. Unit 6 will get you up to speed with current gaming needs and how music is made to fit both regularly and interactively in games.

  • Bonus: Music Business Guide

    How composers are paid, royalties, finding work and building a great demo reel. (Only on the Gold Edition)

Gold Edition

If you want to get even more out of your Music for the Media course then why not upgrade to Gold?

Personal Feedback: Everyone on the course gets to work on real-world professional projects, but only on the Gold course can you send in your work to get personal feedback from a working media composer: Invaluable advice that can set you on the right path, insights that can make all the difference to your career. With the Gold edition of MFTM vol. 1, you will receive six tutorial credits; one assignment per unit. If you wish to purchase further credits (for resubmissions or extra assignments), you can do so by visiting the course extras page.

Time Requirements: Writing music takes time and each unit will require those students on the gold edition to write up to 5 minutes of music. Depending on how fast you write this could be between 6 and 30 hours per assignment. Once you own the course, you keep it forever, so you can take as long as you need to get the assignments right, but we recommend that you should allow for around 4 hours a week to keep your rate of progress steady. 

Bonus Music Business Guide: How composers are paid, royalties, finding work and building a great demo reel, exclusively for Gold students.


Standard Edition

  • MFTM Vol. 1
  • $249
  • MFTM Vol. 2
  • $249

Gold Edition

  • MFTM Vol. 1
  • $449
  • MFTM Vol. 2
  • $449
  • What are you waiting for? – Enrol now and see why over 5000 composers have used MFTM as a spring-board for their careers.
  • Enrol Now


  • Technical

    Music for the Media’s technical requirements are really the minimum you would need to do the job in the real world. That means a computer based sequencer capable of importing Quicktime movies plus enough instruments, virtual or otherwise, to record a demo of your music.

  • Internet Access

    You need access to a reliable broadband internet connection to download and stream the course materials, preferably 5Mb/s or better. We need an active email address that can receive emails from us. Course materials are both streamed and downloadable and in total can come to 20Gbs or more so you need at least enough disk space to store the materials as well.

  • Computer & Software

    Quad core computer with at least 8gbs of RAM. A computer based sequencer capable of importing QuickTime movies. These include, Cubase 8, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Digital Performer 9, Reaper, Ableton Live.

  • Other Musical Equipment

    You need enough instruments, virtual instruments, modules or live instruments to record a reasonable demo. This means an audio interface, MIDI keyboard and monitors.

  • Musical Knowledge

    This is not an entry level course. Most students have at least 12 months experience of making music. You do not need to read or write music but you do need to be able to create a piece of music and record it with reasonable fluency.

  • Technical Knowledge

    You need to know how your DAW works and be able to record a demo as an audio file in your computer sequencing environment. Media music is increasingly techie and so this is unavoidable I’m afraid.

  • Downloadable Materials

    Downloadable course materials are only enabled after the money-back guarantee has either been waived or expired (30 days after purchase).

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