Music For The Media:
Volume 2

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Music For The Media:
Volume 2

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Learn to write music clients want to buy.

MFTM Volume 2 is an intensive course in film scoring that covers both the technical and creative aspects of writing film soundtracks, scoring TV shows and much more. Written and presented by award winning composers, the course takes you from spotting and synching your music to picture, through to composing for feature films and delivering. Building on the core skills established in Music for the Media Volume 1, this course will help you develop your career as a film or TV composer.

Work on a wide range of inspiring video material from short films, animation, commercials, documentaries and natural history films. Packed with yet more insightful real-time scoring demonstrations from award winning composers.

    • How to write music to picture, working with movies inside Cubase, Logic and Digital Performer.
    • How to write music that really works with the scene
    • Animation, feature films, natural history, commercials
    • Access all of the materials online forever, or download them to read/watch/listen to offline – an invaluable resource you’ll be going back to over and over again.

What are you waiting for? – Enrol now and see why over 5000 composers have used MFTM as a spring-board for their careers.


    • Working with movies, the essential technical know-how, timecode, codecs, time-locked markers and a lot more.
    • How to create the soundtrack your director or producer dreamt of – a soundtrack that perfectly complements the feature film, TV show or commercial you are working on.
    • How to manage changes, implement notes and keep on top of your project.
    • How to write close synched music for animation or action movies.
    • Specific techniques for working on feature films, short films, nature documentaries and commercials.
    • How to deliver your music so that it is easy to synch up to the movie

Guy’s teaching style in particular is incredible, you feel like you know him and he’s your friend.

Listen to professional, working Composer Tom Rackam, discuss his extensive study at ThinkSpace Education

Who’s Teaching Me?

Your course has been created by working, professional film and tv composers who know exactly what you need to know. Based in Los Angeles, London and around the world, this global faculty of award winning composers and orchestrators has come together to create a course designed to help you onto or further up the industry ladder.


  • Unit 1 – Writing to Picture

    How it works, how to do it, the common mistakes and pitfalls for the unwary.

  • Unit 2 – Scoring Factual Television

    Writing music for documentaries and nature films. Reaching beyond the technical aspects of writing to picture into the more challenging creative considerations.

  • Unit 3 – Animation

    How to write really close synched music, synching to lots of hit points.

  • Unit 4 – Commercials

    How to tell a story in a short space of time and how to implement notes and take account of last minute changes to the picture.

  • Unit 5 – Feature Films

    How to score a movie and create a memorable soundtrack that lifts the film and forges a lasting relationship with the director.

  • Unit 6 – Drama and Deliverables

    The second part of our look at scoring feature films and TV drama. Technical details on how to deliver your music to the post production house.

  • Bonus: Music Business Guide

    How composers are paid, royalties, finding work and building a great demo reel.

MFTM1 & 2 stands head and shoulders above any of those courses in terms of focus, content, scope and price. There’s zero flab and the fact that content can be downloaded and revisited is a great bonus.

-Tyrone Howe
Composer and Sound Designer

Put simply, the ThinkSpace courses have changed my life. I firmly believe taking the courses at
ThinkSpace enormously increase your chances of breaking through that “closed door” of the
music industry, giving you “inside knowledge” that you would never otherwise find.

-Mike Ellaway
Mike Ellaway Music

Music For The Media Volume 2
  • What are you waiting for? – Enrol now and see why over 5000 composers have used MFTM as a spring-board for their careers.
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  • Technical

    Music for the Media’s technical requirements are really the minimum you would need to do the job in the real world. That means a computer based sequencer capable of importing Quicktime movies plus enough instruments, virtual or otherwise, to record a demo of your music.

  • Internet Access

    You need access to a reliable broadband internet connection to download and stream the course materials, preferably 5Mb/s or better. We need an active email address that can receive emails from us. Course materials are both streamed and downloadable and in total can come to 20Gbs or more so you need at least enough disk space to store the materials as well.

  • Computer & Software

    Quad core computer with at least 8gbs of RAM. A computer based sequencer capable of importing QuickTime movies. These include, Cubase 8, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Digital Performer 9, Reaper, Ableton Live.

  • Other Musical Equipment

    You need enough instruments, virtual instruments, modules or live instruments to record a reasonable demo. This means an audio interface, MIDI keyboard and monitors.

  • Musical Knowledge

    This is not an entry level course. Most students have at least 12 months experience of making music. You do not need to read or write music but you do need to be able to create a piece of music and record it with reasonable fluency.

  • Technical Knowledge

    You need to know how your DAW works and be able to record a demo as an audio file in your computer sequencing environment. Media music is increasingly techie and so this is unavoidable I’m afraid.

  • Downloadable Materials

    Downloadable course materials are only enabled after the money-back guarantee has either been waived or expired (30 days after purchase).

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