Sampling Technology Micro Course
Lesson #1 - Sampling Techniques
Have You Seen Sampled Orchestration In A Weekend?
  • Make your sampled instruments sound more realistic.
  • Get the most out of limited resources.
  • Tutorials and examples in Logic and Cubase, Kontakt and Play
  • Insider tips and tricks learnt from hundreds of A list film, TV and games scoring projects.
  • Over 10 hours of entertaining, to the point and effective video tutorials.
Get Up To Scratch With How Professionals Are Doing It
Understand how sampling technology works so you can get the most out of limited computer resources.
Create A Realistic Sampled Mockup Every Time
How to breathe life into your sampled orchestrations so they don’t sound flat and artificial.
Discover New Ways Of Working
For power users, advanced techniques, alternative ways of working you probably hadn’t considered.