Orchestral Mixing

Only $199 $139
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Orchestral Mixing

Only $199 $139
Low cost single payment

Your essential guide to producing professional mixes.

Learn to mix both sampled and live orchestral music with mixing guru Jake Jackson. We take you through every stage of the process from setting up your DAW for mixing and sweetening audio tracks, to EQ, compression and choice of reverb. Learn professional techniques that are just as effective in your home studio as at the world famous Air Studios in London where the course was filmed.

First watch Jake mix the track, then load up the same multi-track orchestral recording in your own DAW and try to the techniques for yourself at home. Your orchestral mixing course comes with two more bonus tracks, one recorded with a 70-piece professional film orchestra, and the other a sampled hybrid trailer track.

All the recordings come pre-loaded in Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer and Pro Tools and also as separate audio files.

    • Watch over the shoulder of a film mixing legend at work.
    • Four complete orchestral tracks for you to mix at home and comprehensive course text.
    • Join our dedicated community forum to share your mixes.
    • Access all of the materials online forever, or download them to read/watch/listen to offline – an invaluable resource you’ll be going back to over and over again.

Well, what are you waiting for? Learn professional techniques that are just as effective in your home studio as at the world famous Air Studios, London.

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What Will I Learn?

    • How to setup your DAW for mixing.
    • All about busses and track routing.
    • Effective use of EQ and compression.
    • Choosing and implementing the right reverb for your mix.
    • Learn to mix both live and sampled orchestral recordings.
    • Help your film cues, trailer tracks and video game soundtracks reach their true potential.

Who’s Teaching Me?

Jake Jackson joined one of London’s premier recording studios, AIR in 1998. He worked his way up from being a runner, and now, 17 years of world-class experience of orchestral recording and mixing later, he is one of the top mix engineers in the world.

He has recorded and mixed at all of London’s top studios, including Abbey Road, British Grove, Angel, AIR-Edel, RAK, Strongroom and of course, the famous AIR Lyndhurst, encompassing all recording genres on projects that have been awarded many Soundtrack Awards, as well as Oscars, Baftas, Grammys, BRITS, & Golden Globes. In the world of sampling technology, you will probably have heard Jake’s name alongside the words Spitfire Audio.


  • Introduction

    Meet Jake Jackson. He explains his approach and what you should be listening for when you first hear the piece you’re going to be mixing. The value of objectivity.

  • Balancing Your Orchestral Template

    Before you even get to mix your own sampled tracks, you need a well balanced orchestral template. In this section we walk you through how to setup your template so that mixing samples becomes a great deal easier.

  • Setting Up Your DAW for mixing

    How to set up your project, busses and routing, compressors, EQ and reverb. There’s a lot to it and establishing a well thought out mixing template will give you the freedom to mix effectively and get the best out of your music.

  • Mixing Sampled Orchestral Tracks

    Watch listen and learn as Jake mixes a sampled orchestral track from scratch. Learn his workflow and the specific techniques he uses to bring the orchestral mockup to life. From first play through to final mix, a comprehensive guide to sampled mixing. Load up the track in your own DAW and follow along at home.

  • Mixing Live Orchestral Tracks

    Now learn a completely new set of skills as Jake walks you through a live orchestral mix. Working with a 70 piece film orchestral recording, he shows you the very different workflow and special considerations when mixing live orchestra. Once again, load up the track in your own DAW and follow along at home.

  • Bonus Content 1

    80 minute Q&A with Jake Jackson. Watch and listen as Jake answers questions from students and expands on many of the topics covered in the course.

  • Bonus Content 2

    Two additional tracks for you to mix! Yet another full orchestral live recording with a 70 piece professional orchestra for you to try out your new skills. Also a hybrid orchestral trailer track for you to practice your sampled orchestral mixing.

Can’t wait to start applying the knowledge into my own stuff and love how Jake Jackson shows how he mixes stuff with samples.

-Luke Johnson
ThinkSpace Student

I learned a hell of a lot even though I’ve been mixing since I was 17 years old.

VI Control Forum User and ThinkSpace Student


Standard Edition

  • Orchestral Mixing
  • $199 $139
  • Well, what are you waiting for? Learn professional techniques that are just as effective in your home studio as at the world famous Air Studios, London.
  • $199.00 $139.00Add to basket

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  • Internet Access

    You need access to a reliable broadband internet connection to download and stream the course materials, preferably 5Mb/s or better. We need an active email address that can receive emails from us. Course materials are both streamed and downloadable and in total can come to 20GBs or more so you need at least enough disk space to store the materials as well.

  • Computer

    You don’t need a high powered computer to make the most of Orchestral Mixing. We’d recommend at least a duel core computer with 4GB of RAM.

  • Software

    You’ll need the latest digital audio workstation (DAW) that you are able to mix in. We would recommend: Cubase 8, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Digital Performer 9, Reaper and Ableton Live. You’ll also need a collection of plugins; we highly recommend the complete set of Waves plugins available for purchase online.

  • Musical Knowledge

    You don’t need to be able to read music to take the course this course, as long as you have a reasonable understanding of how instruments interact with each other within the orchestra you’re good to go!

  • Time

    The video material totals at over 6 hours, however you can watch them in whatever sitting suits you best.

  • Downloadable Materials

    Downloadable course materials are only enabled after the money-back guarantee has either been waived or expired (30 days after purchase).

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