Postgraduate Events

Open Days and Taster Weeks

Register for webinar Wednesday 6th November at 10:00 AM GMT.

Register for webinar Wednesday 6th November at 5:00 PM GMT.

The Postgraduate Open Days

Find out more about how our professional master’s programmes can help your career as a composer, sound designer or orchestrator.

If you are interested in earning your MA or MFA degree with us in media composition and/or sound design, you can attend our open day online (or in person if you happen to be in the south of England!).

Guy and the team will be answering your questions, as well as talking you through the educational and career choices that are right for you. All of the tutors on our degree courses are professional composers and sound designers, so you can get a real insight to how the industry works and earn a degree accredited by the University of Chichester.

We’ll be talking about how you build a career and find work. We’ll also be answering your questions about the courses, the business and introducing you to some of our students and graduates.

Make sure you sign up for our open day if you are serious about pursuing a career in media composition.

You’ll find out about:

  • Introduction to ThinkSpace
  • State of the Market and Career
  • Planning
  • ThinkSpace Postgraduate Courses
  • Meet the Students
  • Studying Online
  • Money, Time and Entry Requirements
The next open day is Wednesday 6th November at 10:00 AM GMT and 5:00 PM GMT. Click the links below and book your place!

Postgraduate Taster Week

If you have bought an application pack for our MA or MFA degrees, you can attend our Postgraduate Taster Week.

Guy and the team will be looking through your music, answering your questions, as well as guiding you though the career and educational choices which are right for you. There are also lectures prepared for you to attend so you can get a feel of how an online education with ThinkSpace Education works.

Like our Open Day, you can attend Taster Week entirely online or in person if you happen to be nearby in the south of England.

To purchase an application pack, and be eligible to attend, click the button below.

The next taster week is Monday 11th November until Friday 16th November.

Why ThinkSpace Education?

  • The only online master’s courses in film and games music and sound design
  • Taught by top working professional composers and sound designers
  • Flexible online study, full-time and part-time schedules
  • Real-world projects, career focussed courses and work opportunities
  • 99% retention and graduation rate
  • Commended by QAA in 2018

Why A Master’s Degree?

  • Intensive mentoring to take you to the next level
  • Courses carefully structured to build careers
  • Gives you a competitive advantage in a crowded market
  • Develop your full potential and a sound of your own
  • Get honest, constructive feedback from top working professionals
  • Get a higher degree that is evidence of your ability and knowledge

Guy Michelmore

Guy Michelmore, Composer

Guy Michelmore is an EMMY nominated award winning film, games and TV composer who’s clients include Marvel, Disney, Dreamworks, Lionsgate and many others. His current work includes a 40 part series for Netflix and ITV, the feature film “Malcolm is a Little Unwell”, 30 short films for Marvel and 39 episodes of the TV show Jungle Book. He is also Course Director and founder of ThinkSpace Education.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, Composer

Tim Johnson (MCompRCM) has been managing the ThinkSpace Postgraduate degrees since they were launched in 2015. He has worked on many music and sound design projects, including AAA Games, trailers, commercials, animation and feature films. His credits include Project Cars, Sky, Xbox and Red Bull, as well as a variety of award winning short films.