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We understand financing a postgraduate degree course can be chellenging. Eligible UK students may now apply for a government Postgraduate Student Loan, while non-UK students can use our interest free instalment plan. Here you will find out how we structure our course payments, and the options available to applicants looking to study with us. Please read the information below, and if you have any questions please get in touch.

ThinkSpace Education accepts £GBP, $USD and €EUR, but which currency you pay in is dependent on your location. You will not be able to select which currency to pay in.

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How Payment Works

Before starting your degree course, you pay an initial deposit of £1000, $1650 or €1400 (currency depending on location). The rest of the course fee is paid in monthly instalments. As the monthly instalments add up to the remaining total cost of the course, how much you pay each month depends on the schedule you are on. The longer your schedule, the less you pay each month.

The interest-free payment plan is available to all students except those in receipt of a Sallie Mae Student Loan or other Student Loans.

For those eligible for the interest-free payment plan, monthly payments can be made by credit/debit card, or arrangements can be made to pay via bank transfer. We use Worldpay to process your payments, PayPal may not be used to pay postgraduate degree fees.


ThinkSpace Education tries to provide exceptional value to all students both in the UK and the rest of the world. Our fee structure is extremely competitive and, as such, does not allow us as much room for bursaries or scholarships as some providers. However, on occasion we do award part scholarships to exceptionally talented applicants, particularly those from disadvantaged or under-represented groups, to help them fulfil their potential. If you would like to be considered please make this clear in your application.

UK Student Loans

Our MA and MFA courses are eligible for UK government student loans of up to £11,222 to pay for your course fees, maintenance and additional equipment. This amount is paid directly to you by the Student Loan Company in three instalments. You pay your fees directly to the University of Chichester.

For details of student eligibility visit the government website but the main points, (as of 22nd Jun 2020) are quoted here:

How To Apply For A UK Student Loan


Whether you qualify depends on:
  • Your course
  • Your age
  • Your nationality or residency status
You will not be able to get a Postgraduate Master’s Loan if:
  • You’re already getting payments from Student Finance England for another course that you’re studying
  • You’ve received a loan or grant for a master’s course before - unless you got Disabled Student Allowances or you left your course for a serious personal reason like illness or bereavement.
  • You already have a master’s degree, or a qualification that’s equivalent or higher.
  • You’re behind in repayments for any previous loans from the Student Loans Company.
  • You’ll still be eligible if you have a PGCE or a postgraduate diploma or certificate.
  • You will not get extra money if you repeat a year of your course.

Your Course

It must:
  • Be a full, standalone master’s course (not a top-up course) (all our MA and MFA courses are but not our PG Cert and PG Dip courses).
  • Be worth at least 180 credits - check the course provider’s website if you’re not sure (all our MA and MFA courses are 180 or 240 credits)
  • Have started on or after 1 August 2016.
Your course must be provided by an eligible university or college in the UK (including the Open University). Check with the university or college that your course is registered. (we are – our courses are listed under the University of Chichester) Your course can be taught or research-based. It can be:
  • Full-time, lasting 1 or 2 academic years (this includes both our MAs and MFAs)
  • Part-time, lasting 2 to 4 academic years - no more than twice the length of the equivalent full-time course (so this includes our 2 year part time MAs but not the 3 years option and all part -time options on our MFAs)
You cannot get a Postgraduate Master’s Loan for a postgraduate certificate or diploma.

Important Notes for Students Applying for PG Loans

Students accessing student loans are enrolled directly as students of the University of Chichester rather than ThinkSpace Education. While this makes no difference to the teaching and assessment, it means your contract is with the university and it’s their debt and refund policy that applies.

Students taking student loans are not eligible for our interest free credit plan. They need to pay their fees directly to the University of Chichester.

Students taking loans are allowed to study part time but only up to 50% of the full-time rate. So a 1 year MA can be taken over 2 years, a 2 year MFA over 4 years.

Student Loans are not normally available for students studying PG Cert or PG Dip courses, only MA or MFAs.

Applying For a Loan

To qualify for a Postgraduate Master’s Loan for distance learning, you’ll need to be living in England on the first day of the first academic year of your course. You’ll also need to live in:
  • England for the whole of your course, if you’re an EU national
  • The UK for the whole of your course, if you’re not an EU national

You do not need a confirmed place to start the application process. You need to register for an account with the Student Loan Company. The course you have chosen, while being provided by ThinkSpace Education will be listed under the University of Chichester.

Worldwide Student and Postgraduate Loans

Students in different countries will have different funding options available to them. Read below to find out the relevant information to you. Borrowing money is a serious decision and we would urge you to borrow responsibly and consider carefully how you will afford repayments.

US Students

Private student-loan provider Sallie Mae now provides finance for ThinkSpace Education postgraduate students through its relationship with the University of Chichester. Their graduate student smart loan program provides finance for all ThinkSpace graduate degrees. For details of how to apply and full terms and conditions, see their web site.

Sallie Mae Finance Program

Studying at a UK based distance learning institution, you are not eligible for Title IV federal loans.

Students outside the UK and US

Student loans and/or grants may be available for students outside the UK and the US, but this is dependent on the country and you will need to check with your own government on what options are available to you.

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