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Starting January 2022

MFA Songwriting, Production and Music Business

Full Time - 24 Months (30 hours/week)
Part Time - 36 Months (15 hours/week)
Part Time - 48 Months (8 hours/week)

This course is an advanced, practice-based degree which combines professional, commercial, creative and technical skills with theoretical knowledge of business and management. For anyone planning a career in the music industry, whether as a creator, entrepreneur or in management, this course will give you the head start you need to find professional and personal success.

The programme team works closely with music industry bodies and practitioners at the highest level to ensure the currency and professional relevance of the programme of study. Students will become effective and multi-skilled songwriters and producers, capable of meeting complex musical and technical challenges whilst navigating an ever-evolving industry.

This MFA is a pathway under our new 'MFA Creative Industries' bracketed award, and covers the skills taught in both our MA Songwriting and Music Production and MA International Music Business degree courses.

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Course Details

The course consists of 6 core modules, 3 elective modules, and a final major project or dissertation. The whole course lasts 24 months full-time or 36 or 48 months part time. It works around your life so you are able to swap between schedules each semester.

The course is designed to do two main things:
  • To raise the creative and technical quality of your songs or music to a professional, commercial level. Whether its mixing and mastering, structuring your music or the practical everyday application of advanced music theory, we will help you will maximise your creative and commercial potential.
  • Give you a detailed understanding of today's music industry, so you can elevate yourself above others in the industry and be a leading force in a competitive industry.
The course focuses on a process we call 'reflect and refresh'. This is a cycle of innovation and constant improvement that is familiar to all at the forefront of the industry. The course is genre agnostic. We support musicians from a wide range of musical fields. They are united both by a common goal and by the fact that they all use technology in some way to make music.

You will start by creating a personal development plan, based on detailed feedback from our team of professional mentors. You will end your course with an impressive portfolio that shows what you are capable of achieving, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the music business which will allow you to launch your own creative career, start music management businesses, or many other management/production-focused roles in the music industry.

What You'll Learn

Study with world-class professionals – musicians, producers, songwriters, and business leaders – and raise your music and business skills to a completely new level.

Learn to innovate, reinvent yourself, update not just your sound but your whole your outlook on music.

Level up the skills that are letting you down, mixing and mastering, melodic writing, vocal production, DAW workflow – whatever it might be.

Reflect and refresh – we will help you discover the cycle of constant renewal that drives most of the best in the business.

Create your own path – Learn from leading music business experts to start your own musical enterprises, build management careers, and much more.

Learn to Work Remotely and Collaborate with fellow students and musicians from 30 countries.
  • Advanced songwriting and composition
  • Contemporary production techniques
  • Sound design and synthesis
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Vocal production
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Remote working and collaboration
  • Music promotion and marketing
  • Copyright, contracts and money

Teaching Team

Our teaching staff are working professionals at the cutting edge of the industry. They’re successfully navigating the turbulent waters of a constantly changing world and passing on that knowledge and insight to you. They are successful artists, writers, composers or Grammy award winning producers. They have made their way to the top, managing some of the world’s most innovative music companies. They are music attorneys and award-winning academics.

Combine real-time professional insight into the music industry, with advanced business and management strategic theory, and you have a powerful combination.

How you learn:
  • Taught by top, current, industry insiders.
  • Thousands of video tutorials on demand.
  • Weekly one-to-one mentoring and tuition.
  • Live workshops and group sessions.
  • Challenging real-world project work.
For this MFA, you will have access to tutors from both our MA Songwriting and Music Production program and MA International Music Business. Our goal with this MFA is to bring cutting-edge artists alongside business leaders and academics to teach you everything you need to launch a successful career in the contemporary music industry.

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Phil Larsen

Music Production

Steve Cusack

Head of Label, Marketing & Promotions

Gene "Machine" Freeman

Grammy Nominated Metal Producer

Alex Mueller

Entertainment & Media Law

Peter Wiggs

Composer & Songwriter

Anne Miller

Music Publishing

Lewis Evans

Composer & Performer

Phil Passera

Artist Management

Billy Decker

Country Producer & Mixer

Allison Piccioni

Composer & Songwriter

Kristofer Murray

Grammy Nominated Songwriter

Cherish Kaya

Artist Manager & A&R Consultant
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Course Structure

After Graduation... What Now?

As a graduate, the cycle of reflect and refresh now well established, you will continue to innovate and improve your music. With a trusted band of fellow graduates, you have a community whose opinion you value and hopefully, some lifelong friends.

ThinkSpace is here to support your onward journey with regular pitching workshops for alumni to help develop your career.

You will continue to have access, not just to your own course materials, but every other degree and short course ThinkSpace produce in the future.

Schedules (MFA)

We offer 3 different schedules for the postgraduate degree, and students are able to pick which suits them best.

Full Time - 24 Months (30 hours/week)

Part Time - 36 Months (15 hours/week)

Part Time - 48 Months (8 hours/week)

These are estimates of the time a student will spend on each schedule. It will vary from student to student, depending on your rate of work. This includes live workshops, one-to-one tutorials, reading and watching the course materials, and time spent on assignment projects.

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MFA course price:

UK and International students pay the same. Exact price is subject to exchange rate fluctuation for those paying in other currencies.

We offer interest-free payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost of your course across the duration of your studies.

Students will be required to pay a deposit on enrolling. For more information on this, visit the Student Finance page.

UK students maybe eligible for a government Postgraduate Student Loan of up to £11,570.

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