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Time Commitments

We understand our students have life and work commitments, and we do our best to help you work your course around them. That said, an important skill you need to learn as a freelance professional is time management and hitting deadlines so we try to strike a balance.

A postgraduate degree should be considered a significant commitment, and depending on the schedule you are on you will be expected to dedicate a consistent period of time to your studies over the duration of your course. Please read the information below and if you have any concerns please get in touch.


On our Master of Arts courses, we offer three schedules: a full-time option over one year, and part-time options over two and three years. On our Dual Pathway Master of Fine Arts courses, we offer two schedules. A full-time option over two years, and a part-time option over three years. Longer schedules may be available. For more information, please get in contact.

The full-time schedules require around 30 hours a week and works best for people with part-time work or family commitments. The part-time schedules require between 10 and 15 hours a week, and many students find this to be the best option. It allows a substantial amount of time for other paid work, whilst maintaining momentum throughout their studies. There are also opportunities to change track at the end of each semester, so if the full-time track turns out to be too much, you can switch to a slower schedule at these points during your studies

It is possible to pause your course at the end of semester and return later by taking intermission. This is subject to certain terms and conditions. To find out more, please get in contact.
This course has been structured really, really well: they are challenging and you do have a choice for what you'd like to do for assignments.
The community is wonderful; at the beginning of the master's we were broken into study groups... we have a ball!


Throughout your studies, you will complete a number of assignments. These are in the form of either Formative assignments or Summative assignments. Formative assignments do not count directly towards your grade, but are used to prepare you for the final, graded Summative assignment. Normally a project involves writing or orchestrating between 2-5 minutes of music or 5 minutes of sound design.

Schedules typically are as follows:
  • Full-time 1 year (MA) or 2 year (MFA) students complete one project every 2 weeks
  • Part-time 2 year (MA) or 3 year (MFA) students complete one project every 4 weeks
  • Part-time 3 year (MA) students complete one project every 8 weeks
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