MFA Video Game Composition & Orchestration

Full Time - 24 Months (30 hours/week)
Part Time - 36 Months (15 hours/week)
Part Time - 48 Months (8 hours/week)

Game projects are now using live orchestra. Video games frequently have both the budget and ambitious scale to support an epic fantasy score, or a thumping action soundtrack. MFA Video Game Composition & Orchestration is the perfect combination of skill sets for composers with the drive and determination to reach the top in video games music. Your course includes a live orchestral session with a professional film orchestra.

During this comprehensive Master of Fine Arts degree course, you will cover the skills taught in both our Composing for Video Games and Orchestration for Films, Games, and Television degree courses.

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Course Details

Video Game Composition and Orchestration is an advanced degree that prepares you to write technically demanding, interactive music that you will learn to implement in the game using industry standard middleware such as FMOD and Wwise. You will learn to realise your scores as both professional grade sampled mock-ups and prepare them for live orchestra. You will learn to write for live players, prepare scores for a variety of applications and correctly manage Pro Tools sessions.

On this course, you will learn:

  • How to work in an adaptive and interactive genre, tackling challenges unique to video games.
  • To orchestrate awe-inspiring live and sampled orchestral game music.
  • To produce professional-quality scores using Sibelius or Finale and record-ready Pro Tools sessions.
  • What the market expects, what producers and directors are buying right now, and how to deliver market-focused music.
  • About each section of the orchestra, taught by some of the world’s top film music session players.
  • How to use FMOD to implement your music and sound design interactively in fully functional Unity games, many specially licenced for the course, including commercial releases.

The course material was phenomenal to go through, it was exciting to go through, and I enjoy learning, so I just absorbed, absorbed, absorbed!
I'd say go for it: the course material is phenomenal, the tutors are great and the support staff are fantastic.

Teaching Staff

Our tutors are all current working professionals, many involved at the highest level in the business.

The tutors who will be giving you individual feedback, either in writing or at the student workshops, have composing and orchestration credits including:

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Need for Speed
  • SimCity
  • Bioshock 2
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Batman: Arkham Origins and hundreds more.

They’ve worked for every major film and game studio and networks and production companies including Blizzard, Nintendo, Capcom, Frontier, Dambusters Studios, 2K Games and many others.

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Guy Michelmore

Composition / Orchestration

Stephanie Taylor


George Oldziey

Composition / Orchestration

Bill Boston


Erik Desiderio

Composition / Games

Allison Piccioni


Douglas Black Heaton


Fletcher Beasley

Composition / Games

Spencer Bambrick

Sound Design / Games

Student Stories

Our students are working in every corner of the industry from features films and television, to video games and trailers. Setting out on their careers as composers, orchestrators and sound designers, they continue to receive active support finding and pitching for work in the months and years after graduation.

Our recent students have gone on to work at Mojang, Creative Assembly, Frontier, Dam Busters and many more. Our graduates have worked on the score for Spiderman PS4 and scored the latest Battlefield 1 Apocalypse trailer.
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Course Structure

Your course falls into twelve modules plus a final major project which lasts three months. Each module focuses on a different area of video game and media composition and orchestration, while at the same time developing specific compositional, technical and business skills.


We offer 3 different schedules, and students are able to pick which suits them best.

Full Time - 24 Months (30 hours/week)

Part Time - 36 Months (15 hours/week)

Part Time - 48 Months (8 hours/week)

These are estimates of the time a student will spend on each schedule. It will vary from student to student, depending on your rate of work. This includes live workshops, one-to-one tutorials, reading and watching the course materials, and time spent on assignment projects.

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Total course price:
UK and International students pay the same. Exact price is subject to exchange rate fluctuation for those paying in other currencies.

We offer interest-free payment plans from £265.63 per month, where you can spread the cost of your course across the duration of your studies. The payment plan you are on depends on the schedule you are on.

Students will be required to pay a deposit on enrolling. For more information on this, visit the Student Finance page.

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