Premium and Short Course Terms and Conditions

For degree courses, see course handbooks and separate terms and conditions on the policies page.

  • Students may purchase additional tutorial credits to be used within their current academic year.
  • We reserve the right to change the price of tutorial credits or annual tuition fees without notice.
  • You agree you will take all reasonable steps to follow your tutor’s advice, the directions in the course and to study conscientiously.
  • ThinkSpace reserves the right to refuse an application or to discontinue tuition if (in our opinion) the student does not have the aptitude to complete the course.
  • The money back guarantee applies for 30 days from the date of sign-up. For gold courses, one assignment may be submitted during this time without voiding the guarantee, but if more than one assignment is uploaded, the money back guarantee is invalidated.
  • Each student may use the money back guarantee only once. After a refund has been issued, the money back guarantee does not apply to any subsequent purchases made from ThinkSpace Education.
  • Accessing more than 25% of the course pages, course text or videos invalidates the money back guarantee.
  • You agree not to lend, hire, sell or copy or upload any part of the course, including, but not limited to, its text, all the downloadable materials, the content of any CD’s or DVDs, movies and audio files. Downloading any streamed material is strictly prohibited.
  • You agree not to use any part of the course text, audio or video, as teaching materials to teach other people not enrolled in the course.
  • Under no circumstances can instalment payments be stopped, cancelled, refunded or postponed. In the event of non-payment you shall, within 28 days, be liable for the entire outstanding amount of the remaining payment. All tuition and support shall cease until payment is made in full. Any costs associated with recovering outstanding payments, will be charged in full, including, but not limited to, an administration fee and credit card charge back fees. You are responsible for ensuring we have valid credit card or other payment details and agree to notify us promptly should those details change.
  • We will make every effort to ensure continuity of tuition throughout your course however we reserve the right to change tutorial staff without notice.
  • Abusive, aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any staff will give us the right to discontinue all tuition and support without compensation or warning.
  • We take no responsibility for any consequential loss, however caused, in connection with following this course or the advice of your tutor. The advice given in the course text, the interviews and by your tutor, is given in good faith, but you must take full responsibility for any decisions or actions you may take, including, but not limited to, career and financial decisions.
  • In signing up for this course, you give us the right to contact you via your provided email address with our regular student newsletter and emails regarding changes to courses, deals, work opportunities and other related emails to be decided by us. Such email addresses are not shared with any outside parties.
  • ThinkSpace Education reserves the right to close the account of any student breaking any of these terms and conditions and to prohibit any further access to course materials.