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The world’s first online postgraduate degree providers in composition for film, games and television.

ThinkSpace Education is an online school that brings professional working composers, orchestrators and sound designers together with students, looking to enter the film, games and TV music industries.

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Learn from working real-world professionals right at the top of their game

Our film scoring school has been the springboard that has helped launch countless careers, many at the very top of the film and television music profession. We are uniquely connected to the world of work. Not just fellow practitioners but also real-world clients, directors and producers who tell our students what they are looking for.

  • Courses written and taught by working professionals.
  • Work on real-world projects, briefed by the actual producers and directors.
  • Study from home while joining a worldwide community of students who share your goals.
  • Learn sound design, film scoring, composing for video games and much more.
  • Interest free payment plans (degree courses only) and flexible schedules.

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Why ThinkSpace Education?

Our students come from every corner of the world, studying online, part of an active and vibrant international film community. Whether you want to study a full-time master’s degree or just have a few hours to brush up your skills with one of our free or premium film scoring courses, ThinkSpace Education courses are designed by professionals to guide you through every step of the journey.

Where Do I Get Started?

Wondering which course to take? Why not check out our most popular courses – with over 9000 students enrolled! Additionally, you can browse the complete list by clicking the button below.

How To Write Music

Learn the core processes for writing effective music.
Only $49 $25.
Learn more

Sampled Orchestration In A Weekend

Create realistic and impressive music from sampled instruments.
Only $170 $112.
Learn more

Composer Blueprints Training

Master composition in every major style of cinematic music.
Only $229 $153.
Learn more

Template in a Weekend

Create working, professional orchestral templates in your DAW.
Only $160 $112.
Learn more

Orchestral Mixing

Mix professional orchestral music with Jake Jackson from Spitfire Audio.
Only $199 $139.
Learn more


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