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Getting Started With
Music Theory

An introduction to the fundamentals of music theory. Learn how to write music that's creative and informed.

In Getting Started With Music Theory, award-winning composer Guy Michelmore takes you through the fundamental building blocks of writing music. This is an entry-level course that explores: scales and keys, chord progressions, rhythm, and structure. It's the perfect crash-course for total beginners, or for self-taught musicians looking to scrub-up on their music theory.

If you enjoyed this and are looking for something more comprehensive, then take a look at Learn Music Theory.

  • Over 30 minutes of video tutorials and demonstrations.
  • Start your compositional journey with the right knowledge.
  • Introduction to core music theory concepts.
  • Level-up your approach to music.

Course Content

Music Theory is a core skill of a musician's workflow. Being able to compose through inspiration is one thing, but being able to compose with informed decisions will allow you to produce music quicker, more competently, and write in those moments where inspiration doesn't strike.

By the end, you will have a much better understanding of:

  • Why music theory is important
  • How scales are made
  • Chords and how to build chord progressions
  • Rhythm and rhythmic devices
  • The role of structure in composition

Already I feel like the idea of music theory as a language is more tangible to me as a non-traditional musician than it was before.

I discovered Guy on YouTube and was completely mind-blown by his energy and passion. That's why I chose ThinkSpace Education, because of their passion and how they make things simple and clear.