Harmony One

Well-written harmony can transform your music. Learn how to use harmony from working film composers and orchestrators. This course will give you the core skills and techniques to get started writing successful four-part harmony.

  • Learn to write for four-part harmony.
  • Nearly 10 hours of video tutorials.
  • Comprehensive course text.
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Course Content

This course will break down the fundamentals of harmony. We will cover how triad chords are built, basic chord patterns, and how to add harmonic interest to your pieces. This is a course for those looking to refine their knowledge of harmony, and start to craft professional compositions.

  • Learn harmony from working film composers.
  • Explore how to arrange for four-part harmony in major keys.
  • Learn how to harmonise cadences and short phrases in three and four parts.
  • How to use non-accented passing notes.
  • Harmonic rhythm, and how to pace your arrangement.
  • Construct effective bass lines.

Harmony One I finished about a week ago, and have recently started on Harmony Two...I never really got music theory, but now through the explanations made by Guy and Rachel I really got the hang of it and I really understood music theory for the first time.
Niels Beck

Harmony One and Harmony Two Student

Course Structure

1. Introduction
An introduction to harmony, and what you will learn as you complete the course.
2. Preparatory
A revision of the basic harmonic knowledge, including tonality and triad chords.
3. Cadences
An introduction to cadences and the principals of harmonising them.
4. Cadences in Four Parts
How to harmonise perfect cadences in 4 parts, taking into consideration voicings and note doublings.
5. More Cadences
How to harmonise the imperfect and plagal cadences in 3 and 4 parts.
6. First Inversion and Interrupted Cadence
Chord inversions and how to harmonise the interrupted cadence. You’ll learn how to avoid parallel fifths and different approaches to the perfect cadence.
7. More chords and Inversions
Second inversions and how to use them along with more approaches to the perfect cadence. You will also start adding more chords to the basic pallet you have already learned.
8. Real Music
Start looking at the importance of the bass line as well as the note spacing above it. Here we familiarise you with the ranges of the vocalists and start writing for strings as well.
9. Short Phrases
Harmonise complete short phrases and start considering harmonic rhythm.
10. Full Phrases
Harmonise longer phrases with the addition of more chords. You will also start adding interest to your harmony with non-accented passing notes.
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Course Instructors

Rachel James works as a composer, score programmer, orchestrator and score and part preparation copyist. She scored the award winning short animation Five O'Clock Shadow, which was shown at Cannes Film Festival. Rachel's work includes composing for American feature Crash Down Hearts, as well as cinematic trailers for the National Trust and two feature films for director Nihat Seven. Orchestrations include projects such as the James Bond: Goldeneye Reloaded video game.
Guy Michelmore is a multi award-winning film, games and television composer whose clients include Marvel, Disney, Dreamworks, Lionsgate and dozens of major TV networks around the world. He’s best known for his work with Marvel on eight animated feature films including Ultimate Avengers and Thor, as well as hundreds of episodes of television including Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, Hulk and many more. His unique and accessible style opens up the whole process of writing music in a way that has seldom been done before.
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I can get more, and better, music out of less inspiration, and more quickly. I think the level of content in the course is about right. If this is about value for money, I think you’re in the right place.

David Rollinson


I really like the way they teach, I like the way they show you how to do it, and they follow that up with the practical uses.

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  • Learn to write for four-part harmony.
  • Nearly 10 hours of video tutorials.
  • Comprehensive course text.
  • Lifelong access and 30-day money back guarantee.
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